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SAMUEL BARHAM, May 2; 1811- Jan. 4, 1898
b. Ricking Hall, Suffolk, England , d.Erie, Pa. -
(First Wife) ELIZA UPSON, Jan. 21, 1819 - Mar. 25, 1858 . b. England d. Erie, Pa. bur. Erie Cemetery Married Jan. 7, 1837

Hannah Maria, Nov. 15, 1837-
m. Joseph Hickey, Sept. 18, 1860
Sarah Ann, Aug. 7, 1841 -
m. George Ludwig, Apr. 9, 1861
Charles King; Nov. 15, 1844-

7. ELLEN CASS, Sept. 5, 1827 - Oct. 2, 1901
b. Rodley, England d. Erie, Pa. but. Erie Cemetery
Married Jan. 3, 1859

113. Emma Jane, Mar. 10, 1861 - Nov. 10, 1917
114. John Cass, Jan: 29, 1863-Aug. 20, 1917
m. Annette Childs ( 1868- ) June 29, 1892
115. Edward Samuel, Mar. 30, 1871 - Apr. 17, 1880

Samuel Barham was a plasterer and mason of Erie Pennsylvania, and was considered as one of the most skillful craftsmen in his line in that city. One of the many buildings which he helped to construct was the Erie Court House, which is one of the finest buildings of its kind in Western Pennsylvania.

Samuel Barham lived for a time in a log cabin in Marvintown, which was south of Parade Street, before his first wife died. After his second marriage he lived at 1323 West Ninth Street, where he died. His second wife then moved to a house built by her nephew, William H. Cass, at 955 West Eleventh Street where she died, and where her daughter Emma continued to live for the remainder of her life.

The second Mrs. Samuel Barham came to America at the age of 15. Before her marriage she was a fine dressmaker, and worked in Erie, making her home with the family of Judge Sterrett. She and her husband are both buried in the Erie Cemetery.

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