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EMMA JANE BARHAM Sept. 5, 1861 - Nov. 10, 1917

Emma Barham received her education in Erie, Pennsylvariia, graduating from Central High School. She then became a teacher in the Number 10 Grade School of Erie and continued there as a teacher for many years. In her later years she worked at her home where, among other things, she used to sew gas mantles. She rented the first floor of her house.

Miss Emma Barham and her brother, John Barham, were among those active in organizing the Cass Family Reunion in 1909. She was elected historian and wrote an excellent account of the early history of this family at that time, which she read to the members of the Cass families when they assembled at Horace N. Wadsworth's grove in Factory Gulch for their first reunion picnic. Her account required considerable research and is preserved in the book of minutes of the Cass Family Reunion in her own writing, and has been very helpful in the preparation of the present account. In 1917 she made an extended visit with the family of her brother in Hermiston, Oregon, who died there in August of that year. On November ninth, about two weeks after her return from Oregon, she was taken severely ill at her home and was rushed to the Hamot Hospital where she died the next day.

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