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200. WILLIAM ROE CASS, June 12, 1918-
b. Franklin Twp. Erie County, Pa.
b. Erie, Pa,
Married May 31, 1941 at Erie, Pa.

William R. Cass was named for his grandfather, William Roe Cass, and is the only male descendant of his grandfather's line to bear the surname of Cass. His parents were living temporarily in Franklin Township at the time of his birth. He received all his schooling at Erie, graduating from Academy High School in 1936 and then taking a business course for a year at the Erie Commercial College. From 1938 to 1939 he spent about a year helping his parents on their farm at Harbor Creek but for the last two years he has been employed at various duties by the Railway Express Company at Erie, Pennsylvania. Mr. Cass enjoys various forms of outdoor sports, including hunting.

Mrs. William R. Cass is a daughter of Frederick William and Mariana (Eickler) Krebs. Her father came from Baden, Germany at the age of thirteen years, while her mother was born in Erie. Mrs. Cass attended school first at Pekin, Illinois, then at Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania, and later at Erie, Pennsylvania, where she graduated from Academy High School in the class of 1937. Among other things she excels at crocheting which occupies her attention during part of her leisure hours.

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