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18. WILLIAM EPHRAIM CASS, Aug. 28, 1884-
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.

FRANCES HUGHES, June 3, 1885 -
b. Crawford County, Pa.
Married Jan. 1, 1905 at Findley Lake, N. Y.

37. Richard William, Apr. 7, 1905 -
m. Myra Ellsworth (1913- ), June 10, i931
38. Walter Elmer, Mar. 26, 1907 -
m. Dorothy Wykoff (1906 - ), June 16, 1934
39. Philip Theodore, Apr. 1, 1909 - Aug. 24, 1932
40. David Ephraim, Apr. 14, 1911 -
m. Carlena Foster ( 1918 - ), June 9, 1937
41. Gertrude Frances, May 11, 1913 -
m. Oliver Whaley, ( 1908 - ), June 18, 1932
42. Robert, June 17, 1915 -
43. John Hughes, Jan. 10, 1918 -
m: Evaline Buterbaugh ( 1919 - ), Apr. 1, 1941
44. Teddy Edward, Feb. 17, 1920 -
m. Viola Pierce (1924 - ), Aug. 19, 1941
45. Carolyn Emma, Mar. 18, 1922 -
m. Marcus Prindle (1915 - ), Nov. 22, 1941
46. Ruth Ann, Dec. 8, 1929 -

For several years after reaching manhood, William (Willie) Cass worked with his brother on the farm that had been their father's, but later he purchased the Goodwin farm from Ralph Burgess and started farming operations himself on a large scale. He has operated a large dairy which he equipped with modem labor saving devices. Several years ago he purchased from his uncle, George Cass, extensive acreage of farm and pasture land including the gulch where the old Cass Woolen Mill stood. At this time all that remains of this four-story mill are the foundation of the wheel-house and parts of the earth dam and mill race.

Mr. Cass is well known in his locality as a good stock man, and excellent horseman. In addition to his farming operations he has served as school director of the Township.

Mrs. William Cass is the daughter of David and Emma (Baskin) Hughes. David Hughes was a native of Lima, Ohio but spent most of his life as a farmer in Erie County, Pennsylvania. Emma Baskin's father was killed while serving with the Union Army during the Civil War, and her mother received a government pension during the later years of her life. It is believed that Robert Baskin served with a regiment recruited in Forest County, Pennsylvania Mrs. William Cass has been for many years secretary of the Cass Reunion Association.

Mr. and Mrs. Willie Cass have always been hard workers and pride themselves on training their children to work quickly and efficiently. Also part of their plan of living has been to complete their day's work in time to have a period of relaxation and recreation in the evening. This feature of their daily lives has meant a lot in the raising of a large family of good citizens.

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