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Jonathan Wert, Jr.
P.O. BOX 240
PORT ROYAL, PA 17082-0240

        This cemetery is located at Killinger, Upper Paxton Township, Dauphin County, PA off Route 25 about three miles northeast of Millersburg, PA. Wirth's Evangelical Lutheran Church had its name changed in 1814 to Salem Lutheran Church. There are two cemeteries for the church. This listing of tombstone inscriptions is for the oldest and first cemetery only which was called Wirth's Evangelical Lutheran Church Cemetery 1770-1814. Both church and cemetery was named for the donor of land and buildings for the church, Johann Adam Wirth (1727-1806). Inscriptions were recorded by the author, Jonathan Wert, Wert Family History Association, P.O. Box 240, Port Royal, PA, in 1968.

        There are six rows of tombstones in this cemetery. Most of those tombstones are carved from white marble. Some of the others are filed stone of red, gray and brown in appearance. Three of the tombstones had nothing inscribed on them or the names and dates had worn off over the years. Husbands and wives and families are not always found in the same areas. It appeared that people were first buried in rows according to the years of their death. Also, some tombstones fell over during the years and where installed again at any suitable place. Seventeen tombstones had been tossed off the cemetery lot at the southwest corner. The author could account for 146 burials. The last burial at this cemetery was for Christina H. Miller who died on December 26, 1921.

BOMGARDNER, J. HENRICH B. 04/15/1770; D. 03/22/1840, 70 YEARS.

BAUMGARTNER, JAKOB B. 05/28/1797; D. 03/22/1836, husband of Susannah and son of Henry.
BAUMGARTNER, SUSANNAH B. 11/22/1803; D. 01/20/1828, wife of Jacob

BEUCHER, GEORGE W. B. 1869; D. 1899

BLEISTINE, SARAH M. B. 12/07/1845; D. 03/25/1848 at 2 yrs.

CAMPBELL, PETER B. 08/01/1787; D. 08/09/1817

CROSSON, ABRAHAM L. D. 03/24/1822 at 1 yr.

CROSSON, HANNAH P. B. 06/12/1827; D. 02/11/1828

CROSSON, LEVI D. 07/10/1819 at 1 yr.

CROSSON, URIAH B. 12/15/1823; D.09/29/1824

COULTER, SARAH ANN B. 02/20/1820; D. 09/28/1822 at 2 yrs.

DILLMAN, SAMUEL B. 02/13/1831; D. 01/11/1902 at 70 yrs.
Private, Co. C. 149 RPV

DITTY, JOHANNES B. 01/25/1788; D. 02/08/1805

DREIBELBIS, CATHARINE B. 02/26/1778; D. 09/28/1867

DEIBLER, CATHARINE B. 05/13/1832; D.01/24/1839 Daughter of George and Catharine Deibler

FEIDT, DANIEL B. 09/05/1803; D. 05/30/1854 at 50 yrs. Husband of Lydia Wert
FEIDT, LYDIA WERT B. 01/26/1805; D. 04/08/1864 at 59 yrs. Wife of Daniel Feidt and daughter of Johann George and Catharina Miller Wirth.

FEIDT, DANIEL. B. 01/04/1836; D.09/25/1850 at 14 yrs. Son of Daniel and Lydia Wert Fiedt.

FEIDT, ELIZABETH WERT B. 02/11/1819; D. 02/21/1848 at 29 yrs. Wife of Peter Feidt, daughter of Daniel and Susannah Schupp Wert

FEIDT, 3 INFANT DAUGHTERS D. STILLBORN JANUARY 1853; Daughters of Peter and S. Feidt.

FEIDT, GEORGE B. 06/10/1771; D. 08/30/1829 at 58 yrs., Husband of Rachel
FEIDT, RACHEL SNYDER B. 02/02/1770; d. 04/25/1836 AT 66 yrs., Wife of George Feidt

FEIDT, INFANT BOY D. 09/12/1840 at 1 month.

FRANK, SUSANNAH B. 1769; D. 1792 at 22 yrs.

GEORGE, JOHAN B. 04/08/1771 D/ 08/25/1826 at 56 yrs.

GONDER, JACOB B. 08/26/1826; D. 03/19/1870 at 43 yrs., Husband of Elizabeth; Father of Rachel R. Gonder
GONDER, ELIZABETH D. 04/02/1876 at 56 yrs., Wife of Jacob Gonder; Mother of Rachel R. Gonder, Daughter of John and Elizabeth Miller Wert

GONDER, RACHEL R. B.12/24/1847; D: 05/25/1853 at 5 yrs.
Daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Gonder

GONDER, DANIEL A. B. 09;09;1849; D. 02/11/1880 at 30 yrs., Husband of Mary S. Gonder
GONDER, MARY S. B. 12/22/1847; D. 11/06/1872 at 24 yrs., Wife of Daniel A. Gonder

GONDER, JOHN B. 05/16/1778; D. 11/06/1855 at 76 yrs.

GREVER, BARBARA B. 06/20/1786; D. 09/15/1845 at 59 yrs.
Wife of John; child of Rev. H.S. Basler

HEBEL, SARAH b. 01/09;1789; d. 10/04/1877 at 89 yrs., Wife of George Hebel; daughter of George and Margaret Parson

HECKERT, CHRISTINA MILLER B. 07/10/1782; D. 07/11/1860 at 78 yrs., Wife of Michael Heckert

JAMES, ISAAC B. 04/15/1811; D. 09/16/1859 at 48 yrs.

JAMES, SUSAN C. B. 12/04/1850; D. 05/19/1853 at 2 yrs., Daughter of Isaac James

JURY, JOHN B. 10/27/1824; D. 09/03/1830 at 5 yrs.

JURY (SCHURA), JEREMIAH B. 12/18/1830; D. 10/04/1831

KAMMERER, DIEDRICH B. 09/10/1768; D. 09/05/1835 at 66 yrs., Husband of Barbara
KAMMERER, BARBARA B. 09/15/1774; D. 11/13/1839 at 65 yrs., Wife of Diedrich Kammerer

KEPNER, JOHN W. (MAYBE KEPLER) B. 04/09/1863; D. 09/17/1865 at 2 yrs.

KEPNER, ISAAC B. 04/20/1812; D. 01/13/1881 at 68 yrs.

KRAMER, JACOB B. 02/01/1780; d. 01/26/1852 at 72 yrs., Husband of Magdalene
KRAMER, MAGDALENE B. 01/21/1781; D. 12/22/1865 at 69 yrs., Wife of Jacob Kramer

LEBO, ANNA MARGARET B. 08/22/1791; D. 12/22/1865 at 74 yrs., Wife of Philip Lebo

LENKER, MARGARETHA WEAVER B. 04/17/1771; D. 11/10/1838, Wife of Philip

LENKER SARAH J. B. 03/01/1860; D.09/12/1862 at 2 yrs., Daughter of William P. and M. Lenker

LENKER, JOHAN B. 03/06/1759; D. 09/10/1809

LENKER, KATIE ANN B. 03/02/1855; D. 09/10/1862 at 6 yrs., Daughter of William and M. Lenker

LENTNER (MAYBE LENKER), B. 12/16/1837; D. 1844, son of Wilhelm and Eva.

LINTNER (MAYBE LENKER), EDWARD B. 1741; D. 10/??/1809, at 58 yrs., Husband of Catharina
LINTNER, CATHARINA MAURIN B. 09/24/1749; D. 05/02/1825, Wife of Edward

MILLER, JOHN B. 05/07/1779; D. 08/06/1855 at 76 yrs., Husband of Rachel; Husband of Rosina
MILLER, ROSINA B. 07/28/1784; D. 03/26/1868 at 83 yrs., Second Wife of John Miller

MILLER, JOHN ADAM B. 07/25/1743; D. 10/12/1831 at 88 yrs., Husband of Susannah
MILLER, SUSANNAH B. 07/10/1768; D. 04/05/1843 at 74 yrs., Wife of John Adam Miller.

MILLER J. H. B. 1843; D. 11/23/1908 at 65 yrs., Husband of Christina H.
MILLER, CHRISTINA H. B. 1841; D. 12/26/1921 at 80 yrs., Wife of J. H. Miller

MILLER, KETORAH S. B. 02/11/1866; D.04/01/1867, Daughter of J.H. and Christina H. Miller.

MILLER, INFANT SON B/D. 12/01/1868, Son of J. H. and Christina H. Miller

MILLER, JACOB B. 02/13/1800; D. 08/11/1822 at 22 yrs.

MILLER, JOHN N. B. 11/06/1808; D. 04/12/1880 at 71 yrs., Husband of Catharine
MILLER, CATHARINE B. 03/20/1812; D. 11/23/1870 at 58 yrs., Wife of John N. Miller

MILLER M. MAGDALENA B. 05/24/1774; D. 09/03/1850 at 74 yrs., Daughter of John and B. Miller

MILLER, GEORGE B. 1847; D. 04/05/1878 at 31 yrs.

MOORE, JOHN B. 1768; D. 1804

MOORE, J. D. 1828
MOORE, ELIZABETH B. 03/??/1755; D. 05/08/1829 at 74 yrs., Wife of John Moore

MOORE, D. D. 1815

MOORE, ELIZABETH B. 11/24/1813; D. 09/01/1874 at 60 yrs., Wife of Jacob Moore

MOORE, C. B. 1808; D. 1825

OSMAN, JOSEPH B. 03/26/1792; D.02/19/1878 at 86 yrs., Husband of Catharine Baumgardner
OSMAN, CATHARINE BAUMGARDNER B. 07/06/1795; D. 11/18/1869 at 74 yrs., Wife of Joseph Osman

OSMAN, JOSIAH B. 05/31/1825; D. 01/19/1867 at 41 yrs.

PARSON, GEORGE D. 03/18/1825 at 70 yrs., Husband of Margaret

RADEL, DANIEL B. 09/18/1806; D. 03/17/1854 at 52 yrs.


RITZMAN, ADAM B. 09/15/1802; D. 09/11/1873 at 70 yrs., Husband of Mary Hawk
RITZMAN, MARY HAWK B. 03/28/1806; D. 12/19/1879 at 73 yrs., Wife of Adam Ritzman

RITZMAN, MARGARET DANIELS B. 08/15/1768; D. 05/23/1850 at 81 yrs., Wife of Andreas Ritzman (1762-1827) buried at Gratz, PA

RUNYAN, BARBARA FLY B. 08/14/1785; D. 05/21/1849 at 63 yrs., Wife of Henry Runyan

RUNYAN, DAVID B. 1819; D. 10/02/1822 at 3 yrs.

RUTTER, REACHEL REBECKAH B. 01/08/1817; D. 12/31/1823 at 5 yrs.

SCHAFFER, A. ELIZABETH B. 1774; D. 1839 at 64 yrs., Wife of Uriah Shaffer

SCHAFFER, INFANT BOY B/D. 12/25/1861, Son of George and Elizabeth Shaffer

SCHREFFLER, PETER B. 08/15/1790; D. 12/31/1843 at 53 yrs., Husband of Elizabeth Kreitzer
SCHREFFLER, ELIZABETH KREITZER B. 02/04/1792; D. 01/24/1844, Wife of Peter Schreffler, daughter of Frederich and Juliana Redman Kreitzer

SCHREFFLER, BALTZER B. 03/14/1828; D.02/24/1844, Son of Peter and Elizabeth K. Schreffler

SCHREFFLER, JOHANNES B. 11/05/1813; D.06/27/1840 at 26 yrs., Son of Peter and Elizabeth Schreffler

SCHREFFLER, SAMUEL B. 02/14/1825; D. 02/19/1846 at 21 yrs., Son of Peter and Elizabeth K. Schreffler

SCHUP, GEORGE b. 08/04/1759; d.08/27/1839 at 80 yrs., Husband of Elizabeth Deibler
SCHUP, MARIA ELIZABETH DEIBLER B. 01/10/1760; D.04/18/1840 at 80 yrs., Wife of George Schup, Daughter of Michael Deibler


SHEAFER, CATHARINE A. B. 10/17/1835; D. 09/27/1838 at 24 yrs., Daughter of George and C. Sheafer

SHEESLEY, PHILIP B. 02/25/1783; D. 03/12/1821, Son of J. Jacob and Maria Margaretha Fortney Sheesley


SPITLER, AMOS D. 02/02/1821 at 11 days, Son of D and E. Spitler

STEPP, SUSANNA DOROTHEA B. 08/24/1755; D.08/17/1829 at 74 yrs.

THOMPSON, MARTIN ALEXANDER B. 12/04/1825; D.12/25/1825 at 11 days

UNGER, SUSANNAH SEBELA B. 01/31/1837; D. 11/20/1838

UNGER, SARAH ANN D. 07/28/1834 at 1 yr.

WALBORN, SOPHIA B. 04/23/1815; D. 01/16/1831 at 15 yrs.

WEAVER, ISAAC B. 04/15/1856; D. 09/01/1857 at 1 yr., Son of William and Helen Weaver

WERT, DANIEL B. 12/07/1796; D. 10/20/1858 at 61 yrs., Husband of Susannah Schup
WERT, SUSANNAH SCHUP B. 03/02/1797; D. 03/12/1873 at 75 yrs., Wife of Daniel Wert

WERT, CATHARINE LENKER B. 09/01/1827; D. 08/21/1855 at 27 yrs., Wife of Andrew Wirt and Catharine Lenker Wirt

WERT, MOSES B. 01/23/1855; D. 01/26/1859, Son of Andrew and Catharine Lenker Wirt

WERT, SARAH A. B. 02/20/1835; D.01/18/1839 at 3 yrs., Daughter of Johann George and Catharina Miller Wirth

WERT, MARIA A. B. 09/22/1836; D. 01/17/1839, Daughter of Johann George and Catharina Miller Wirth

WERTH, WEND. D. 1811

WIRT, ANDREW B. 03/20/1831; D. 03/10/1886, Husband of Catharine Lenker Wirt (1827-1855), Husband of Lucinda Osman, daughter of Joseph and Catharine Bumgardner Osman, father of Moses Wirt

WIRT, CARRIE A. D. 07/08/1895 at 19 yrs., Daughter of Andrew and L. Wirt

WIRT, CHARLES M. B. 03/05/1859; D. 04/07/1863, Son of Andrew and L. Wirt

WIRT, MILTON P. D. 09/11/1891 at 25 yrs., Son of Andrew and L.Wirt

WIRT, ARTHUR L. B. 05/07/1878; D. 03/06/1885, Son of Andrew and L. Wirt

WIRT, AMELIA A. B. 01/06/1862; D. 04/14/1863, Daughter of Andrew and L. Wirt

WIRT, ALICE H. D. 12/06/1891 at 31 yrs., Daughter of Andrew and L. Wirt

WIRTH, JOFERB D. 10/06/1811 at 2 months, Son of Johann George and Catharina Miller Wirth

WIRTH, JOHANN ADAM B/ 1727 IN EUROPA; D. 1806 at 79 yrs. Johann Adam Wirth was born in Berod, Westerwald, Germany; records at the Parish of Hochstenbach. He came to America on the Ship Two Brothers in 1753 settling first in Lebanon, PA. He moved to Lykens Valley with his family about 1765 and settled on what is currently the Harrisburg North Golf Course. The inscription on Johann Adam Wirth's tombstone reads: "The purchaser of the land and donor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church together with the burial places upon which his remains slumber until the morning of the resurrection."
WIRTH, EVA ELIZABETH SCHNUG B. 1730; D. 1800 at 70 yrs., Wife of Johann Adam Wirth

WIRTH, JOHANNES B. 01/25/1758; D. 02/08/1805 at 47 yrs., Revolutionary War Soldier. There is a second tombstone lying at the rear of the cemetery that has the initials "H.W." and the exact dates as those on the installed tombstone for Johannes Wirth. Some people recording dates in the past have used 1788 for his year of birth instead of 1758, and 17 years of age for 47 years of age. Son of Johann Adam Wirth (1727-1806)
WIRTH, ANNA MARIA MILLER B. 1759; D. 1836. Her tombstone is made of a red fieldstone like that of Johannes Wirth, but it is broken into pieces at the rear of the cemetery, Wife of Johannes Wirth

WIRTH, JACOB B. 05/21/1764; D. 01/01/1833 at 68 yrs., Son of Johann Adam and Eva Elizabeth Schnug Wirth
WIRTH, SOPHIA MILLER B. 08/02/1776; D. 10/22/1842 at 66 yrs., Wife of Jacob Wirth

WIRTH, GEORG B. 10/19/1770; D. 02/13/1845, Son of Johann Adam and Eva Elizabeth Schnug Wirth
WIRTH, CATHARINA MILLER B. 06/25/1775; D. 04/27/1842 at 66 yrs., Wife of Georg Wirth


MXW 1800
J X W 1805
M.W. 1800
J.B. X LIT 1791
LXB RXZ 1805
S.I. D. 1808
W.H. 1823
H.W. B. 01/25/1758; D. 02/08/1805. This is the red fieldstone lying at the southwest corner of the cemetery that has the exact dates as those on the standing tombstone for Johannes Wirth. The "H." may have stood for Hans, and the "W" for Wirth

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