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193. WILLIAM HENRY CASS, Aug. 27, 1866 - May 19, 1939
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa. d. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.

b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
Married Jan. 1, 1891. Divorced

197. Zillah Marian, May 9, 1894 -
m. Robert Lankford, Jr., (1889- ) Aug. 23, 1924 -
198. Thelma, May 16, 1906 - Mar. 22, 1907
199. Infant son, Aug. 22, 1909 - Aug. 1909

JENNIE OLSON, Sept. 10, 1887
b. E. Springfield, Pa.
Married June 5, 1913

200. William Roe, June 12. 1918 -
m. Eleanore Krebs ( 1918- ) May 31, 1941

William H. Cass was born at Owens' Corners and attended the grade school there. When a young man he worked on the farm for his brother, John Cass, for about four years. Soon after his first marriage he started into business as a house contractor. He was unusually energetic and ambitious, working and studying hard, as he learned the carpentry and building trades. He was soon able to take entire charge of the jobs. As he prospered he invested his money in this business which he built up to the place where he was recognized as one of the most successful house contractors in the city of Erie, where he lived during the greater part of his adult years.

After the death of his brother, John Cass, he became the heir to his brother's large farm at South Harbor Creek, as John Cass had no children. So in August 1938 Mr. and Mrs. Cass and their son William moved into the country where he ran the farm less than a year before his death, which resulted from being kicked, as he was working in the barn, by a spirited horse he had bought the previous year. Mr. William H. Cass was widely and favorably known throughout the city and county of Erie. He was a member of the Moose Club for over thirty years and a member of the Arbiter's Club. In his youth he played a cornet and a violin when he and his brother John were members of the South Wales BandĚ

The first Mrs. William H. Cass received her schooling at the Lowry Corners grade school at South Harbor Creek, near her home. She worked at the home of her parents before her marriage. Since her marriage she has lived in East Erie, where she still lives and conducts a tourist's home on the Buffalo Road. She is a daughter of Jerry and Melvina (Applebee) Stelle, both of whom were of pioneer families of northwestern Pennsylvania, and who had a farm near Lowry Comers for most of their lives. Mr. Jerry Stelle was born in Crawford County, Pennsylvania, and served as a private in the Union Army during the Civil War with a company of volunteers from Erie County, and saw service in the battle of Getrysburg. Mrs. Jerry Stelle was born at South Harbor Creek near where her parents once lived in a log cabin.

The second wife of William H. Cass is a daughter of August and Christina (Johnson) Olson, both of whom came from Sweden about 1885 and located first at Girard, Erie County, Pennsylvania. She received her schooling and spent her early years at Cranesville, Erie County, where her parents lived on a farm. After the death of William Cass she sold the farm at Harbor Creek and moved to the city as soon as possible, where she now lives in one of the houses built by her husband. During her short stay in Harbor Creek Township she made many friends among the Cass relatives who were in the neighborhood.

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