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116. Robert Childs Barham, Nov. 9, 1893 -

Childs Barham is working with the Utilities Department of this Ordnance Depot. The working hours are long so that he often leaves home at 6:30 in the morning and does not return until about nine o'clock at night. Part of the time he works a seven day week, and in addition he tries to take care of the ranch, where he has four cows to milk. While this schedule does not provide Mr. Barham with proper time for rest and recreation, like other loyal Americans feels that he is willing to put up with these inconveniences temporarily, as by so doing he is able to help his country on the home front in this time of war.

A more disturbing situation to both Mr. Barham and his mother is the demoralization of their community with the advent of this construction project. From a quiet rural village of about 600 people they plunged almost overnight into a roaring crowded construction camp with its attendant debauchery, robberies and murders. With an estimated 2,000 people regularly employed at the Ordnance Depot, Hermiston is now a payroll town and gone forever is the quiet community life so much appreciated by its 600 older residents.

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