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127. RALLY FULLER, Aug. 23, 1889- 1914
b. Erie County, Pa. d. Union City, Pa.
b. Crawford County, Pa.
Married 1913

Rally Fuller attended the Remington grade school at North East, Pennsylvania, and soon afterward he was employed by the Shreve Chair Factory at Union City, Pennsylvania, where he was the fireman. He then attended the conductor's training school at Buffalo, New York, and became a conductor on the interurban trolley line running between Erie, Pennsylvania, and Buffalo, New York, working for the Buffalo and Lake Erie Transit Company. This company passed out of existence and its tracks were torn up years ago, and has been superseded by the bus companies. After several years employment by the trolley company, Mr. Fuller returned to his former job at the Shreve Chair Factory. He died at Union City and was buried in the cemetery there.

Mrs. Rally Fuller was from Crossingville, Crawford County, Pennsylvania. Some years after the death of Mr. Fuller she married again and has children by her second marriage. Her second husband is an engineman for the New York Central Railroad.

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