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The following narrative was taken from
Published by Harold J. Cass & Hugh H. Hays in 1942

Motto:To remember your country everywhere.

The name of Cass, or Casse, is of very ancient origin in Yorkshire, England. The name of Robert Casse appears on the muster rolls taken at Howden, Yorkshire, April 13, 1539, during the reign of Henry VIII. The writer has in his possession a genealogy of that family, containing their coat of arms. Their Christian names were strikingly similar to those of the earliest recorded generations of our own family, and in the forepart of the eighteenth century their descendants spelled their name Cass. The earlier generations of that family lived for centuries in Yorkshire not many miles from where our first traced ancestors lived. It appears quite certain that we are descendants of that family although the connection has not as yet been traced.

 According to tradition our forebears were sympathetic with the American Colonies in the time of the Revolutionary War and bitterly opposed to the tyranny of King George and the domination of the Tory Party in England which brought about the Colonial uprising. They were also in sympathy with the new Nation in its struggle for independence during the War of 1812.

 Much of the account of the earlier generations of the Cass family is taken from information obtained from George W. Cass, who for many years was the oldest living descendant of this family. He was born in the Factory Gulch, was raised among the first comers of this family and his recollections of early events and traditions were unusually vivid. His account agreed substantially with the one presented by Miss Emma Barham at our first family reunion in 1909, and from which we have copied extensively. Miss Barham's account appears in the book of minutes of the Cass family reunions.

 Our branch of the Cass families has no American tie with the numerous descendants of colonial settlers of that name. As they came from the same part of England it may be considered probable that we have common ancestry, but no proof is now available. The earlier Cass settlers in America have among their number many who have helped build up this country. the most famous being General Lewis Cass, (1782-1866).

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