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128. ORA KING FULLER, OCT. 6, 1893 -
b. North East, Pa.
MARY EMELINE DESIN, Mar. 28, 1897 -
b. North East, Pa.
Married June 7, 1920

151. Ethel May, May 29, 1921 -
m. William Albertson (1920- ) Nov. 1, 1941
152. Robert Edward, Apr. 7, 1926 -
153, Dorothy Lois, Nov. 23, 1929 -
154. Charles Richard, May 15, 1931 -
155. Mary Evelyn, Aug. 27, 1932-

After attending the Remington grade school at North East, Ora Fuller found employment locally at the gravel pit, the copper works and with others. When he was 19 years old he was seen by Mr. William Hart of the Keith Circuit staging a comedy act. Mr. Hart, then a resident of North East, was so impressed with Ora Fuller's ability he procured him a place as second comedian in Hart's own company, which toured the large towns and cities of this country from coast to coast and playing long runs in New York City. Mr. Fuller's role was clog dancing and joking before the curtain while the scenery was being changed between acts. While still in vaudeville Ora Fuller played with Dr. Donsteter's Minstrels, the Uncle Tom's Cabin stage presentation. His salary as a comedian was good but the work was seasonal so he had to find other employment during the summer months. However, he continued in vaudeville until World War I. but did not follow it up afterward as the work was too strenuous and sound movies soon put most of the vaudeville companies out of business.

Ora Fuller enlisted in Company G, the Erie County company of the Pennsylvania National Guard, and had served three years with this company when our country entered World War I. He went to camp with his company but failed to pass the physical examination as he was somewhat round shouldered probably as a result of his work at the copper works. The draft board, however, soon gave him another examination and passed him. He served with Company H, 60th Infantry, 5th Division and embarked for France July 25, 1917. He participated in the fighting at the recapture of Chateau Thiery, at St. Mihiel and in the Argonne Forest. While not wounded Mr. Fuller believes he suffered a little from the gas. He was in the Army of Occupation and received his honorable discharge April 1, 1919.

After his return from the war Ora Fuller returned to work at various local North East companies where he had formerly been employed. He later moved to Erie and in the worst of the depression he was employed by the W. P. A. as a laborer. He then was employed in a C. C. C. camp as a cook. Mr. Fuller is now employed by the Ben Field Moving and Trucking Company of Erie, Pennsylvania, where he is a helper on their local and long distance moving vans. His chief amusements are moving pictures and the theater.

Mrs. Ora Fuller is the daughter of Joseph and Lois Belle (Osborne) Desin. Her father was born in Italy, came to America when young and engaged in farming near North East. For many years he worked the Moss farm on shares, this farm being located about two miles west of the town on the main road. Her mother was born at Ripley, New York of English extraction. Mrs. Ora Fuller attended grade school at North East after which she started early to work for various farmers at the grape and berry work. Since her marriage she has continued to work out and is now employed by the United States Laundry Company at Erie.

The Fuller family formerly attended church services at the Methodist Church at North East, and now are regular attendants at the City Mission in Erie.

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