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30. NORMAN EPHRAIM ROBERTS, June 8, 1898 -
b. Erie County, Pa.
b. Lewistown, Pa.
Married Nov. 18, 1918 at Buffalo, N. Y.

78. Jean Eloise, Feb. 27, 1921-

Norman Roberts attended a Harbor Creek Township School and at an early age started working out for various farmers in his neighborhood. In 1916 he started working as a brakeman for the Pennsylvania Railroad, running out of Erie between there and Philadelphia. March 11, 1917 he was injured while working in the yard at Warren, Pennsylvania and lost his left hand. The Railroad Company compensated him and gave him a life-time job in the Erie Yard where his ability has brought him to his present position of Assistant Yardmaster.

Mrs. Norman Roberts is the daughter of John I. and Mary (Speece) Baker, long of Lewistown but for many years now they have lived in Erie. Mr. Baker was born September 13, 1865 at Woodberry, in Bedford County, and Mrs. Baker is a native of Lewistown, Pennsylvania. Mr. Baker had a lengthy service record with the Pennsylvania Railroad and since working in Erie he was promoted from machinist to Engine House foreman. Mr. Baker has been deceased several years now and the Norman Roberts family live with Mrs. Baker on the Buffalo Road in East Erie.

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