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b. Erie County, Pa.
131. NINA PEARL SMITH, Nov. 18, 1888 -
b. Waterford Twp., Erie County, Pa.
Married Oct. 20, 1909

156. Lola, July 12, 1910 - Jan. 14, 1911
157. Glenn Smith, Mar. 4, 1912 -
m. Luanna Young ( 1913- ) June 11, 1934
158. Clifford, Jan. 19, 1919 -
159. Althea, Oct. 1, 1921 -
m. J. S. Mitchell (1917- ) May 8, 1941
160. Frederick, July 22, 1925 -

Henry B. Thompson is the son of Henry F. and Mary Ann (Schuster) Thompson. Mr. Henry F. Thompson came to America at the age of eighteen years from Holstein, Germany, and became a farmer of Summit Twp., Erie County, Pennsylvania. Mrs. Henry Thompson, Sr" was born in Erie, Pennsylvania.

Henry B. Thompson attended the Summit Township district school after which, at an early age, he started in the retail meat business at Erie, Pennsylvania, which he combined with his occupation of butcher, running this business himself. For the last 20 years, however, he has resided near Waterford R. R. Station on his own farm. Here he engages in general farming in addition to his milk business as he has a herd of about 20 head of cattle.

Mrs. Henry Thompson attended the local district school and helped her parents for a while before commencing to work as a clerk in an Erie grocery store, where she had been employed two years at the time of her marriage. Since her marriage, in addition to her regular household duties for the past fifteen years, she has worked in her community as a practical nurse, her services in that capacity having been in frequent demand on local cases. She has been an active member of the Waterford Presbyterian Church for many years and a member of the Ladies Maccabees' Society of Waterford for 30 years.

Henry Thompson Jr., is a member of St. John's Lutheran Church at Erie, Pennsylvania. Among his diversions he enjoys the seasonal sport of small-game hunting, at which he usually has more than ordinary success.

Clifford Thompson attended the local grade school but at the age of ten he suffered paralysis which has handicapped him physically. He lives at home and in spite of his handicap renders valuable service in helping his parents on the farm.

Frederick Thompson attended the local grade schools and the Waterford High School, where he has spent three years. At present he is learning the butcher trade working for his cousins the Gemler brothers, who are retail meat dealers at the Central Market House in Erie, Pennsylvania.

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