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20. NEFF SMITH CASS, May 2.9, 1894 -
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
AUDREY DAYGER, Mar. 31, 1896
b. Warren, Pa.
Married Apr. 26, 1919.

47. Phyllis Jean, Dec. 18. 1920 -
48. Audrey Joan, Oct. 17, 1923 -
49. John Neff, July 24, 1926-Nov. 28, 1926

Neff Cass attended school at Harbor Creek where he graduated from the High School at the head of his class in 1911. He graduated from Edinboro Normal School (now Edinboro Teacher`s College) in 1913 and taught school three years, serving for two years as principal of the West Shenango Township Centralized School at Espyville Station, Pennsylvania. While at Espyville he organized a school band and acted as its leader, having studied and practiced on the violin and cornet for several years.

For three years Neff Cass was employed by the National Forge and Tool Company at Irvine, (Irvington) Pennsylvania, doing metallurgical work. From 1920 to 1929 he worked in oil refineries in various capacities and in 1929 he went to work with the Stockham Pipe and Fittings Company of Birmingham, Alabama as installation engineer for a special fitting. Having a very pleasant personality and an amiable disposition he soon found himself doing sales promotion for this special fitting. While with the Stockham Company he was traveling most of the time.

In 1933 he left Stockham and went to work with the Key Boiler Equipment Company (a competitor) with a Chicago office. While with the Key Company he handled sales and service of a similar product in a territory ranging from Niagara Falls, New York to Kalispel, Montana and Craig, Colorado.

In the summer of 1934 he left the Key Company and went with the Koalt Engineering Company and opened their Dallas office. This Company is a sales agent having always handled the Key account, and others at times. In August 1941 their Houston man quit so the Dallas branch was closed and Neff Cass moved to Houston, where he is now working as Vice-President of the Koalt Engineering Company, with territory including Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana.

Since their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Neff Cass have lived in the States of Pennsylvania, Texas, Arkansas, Illinois, Oklahoma, Alabama, Illinois and Texas, in the order shown. Their son was born, and died, while they lived at Camden, Arkansas.

Mrs. Neff Cass is the daughter of John Alfred and Loura Eleanor (Barhight) Dayger. Her father, now living in retirement at Russell, Pennsylvania, worked for many years in the lumber camps, oil fields and refineries of Western Pennsylvania and in his later years made a business of handling supplies for oil refineries in and around Warren, Pennsylvania.

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