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LUCIAN KELLOGG EVANS, Sept. 28, 1883 -
b. Harbor Creek Twp., Erie County; Pa.
125. MYRTA MAY HILL, Nov. 17, 1884 -
b. Greene Twp., Erie County, Pa.
Married Mar. 3, 1906

134. Hazel May, Dec. 12, 1906 -
m. Joseph Bull ( 1893- ) Sept. 28, 1926
135. Mabel Henrietta, May 4, 1908 -
m. James Wright (1897- ) Nov. 23, 1925
136. Edna Lucille, Feb. 8, 1910 -
m. Harold Yost ( 1908- ) Jan. 25, 1930
137. Grant Otis, July 11, 1914-
138. Esther Mary, Sept. 10, 1917 -
m. Clifford M. Skellie ( 1905- ) Nov. 1, 1933

Lucian Evans is a son of Richard and Carline Roxie (Kellogg) Evans. His parents lived on a farm on the Station Road in Harbor Creek Township. Richard Evans came with his parents and family from Wales at the age of 16. Mrs. Richard Evans came from Ashtabula County, Ohio, where her family was among the first settlers of Kelloggsville. She was a teacher in the Ohio grade schools before her marriage.

Lucian Evans attended the local grade school, but commenced early to engage in farming and has been a general produce farmer all his life, living in Greenfield Township until 1930 when he moved to his present farm. This is on the paved road about half a mile north of Findley Lake, New York. This rather narrow lake, about two miles long, is a convenient and popular summer cottage resort for the city dwellers of Erie and many other towns of that territory. A boat ride in the cool evening and a night of refreshing sleep away from the noise and heat of the city is deeply appreciated by many of these people. Here Mr. Evans has a large dairy and his nearest market is North East, but at present he is generally able to dispose of most of his produce at his own door.

Mrs. Lucian Evans attended the local grade school and later, besides helping her parents, she worked at housework among her neighbors until the time of her marriage. She is a member of the Rebeccah Lodge of Findley Lake, New York. Mr. and Mrs. Evans attend services at both the Methodist and the United Brethren Churches of that town.

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