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b. Erie County, Pa.
24. MYRTA LUELLA CASS, Dec. 27, 1885 -
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
Married July 2, 1908 at the home of the bride's parents.

60. Mary Elizabeth, Aug. 27, 1909 -
m. Anthony Chriest, ( 1908 - ) June 12, 1937
61. Nettie Winifred, Jan. 27, 1912-
m. Sherman Travis, (1913- ) Mar. 1, 1935

Ralph Burgess is the son of Willis Henry and Ella (Goodwin) Burgess. Willis H. Burgess was a farmer in North East Township but both he and his wife were born in Harbor Creek Township, her parents having owned the farm now owned and operated by William Cass. The Goodwin family came to Erie County from Maine where their ancestors were among the early settlers.

Ralph Burgess owns the land that belonged to his father where he cultivates a large acreage in grapes and maintains a herd of pedigreed Guernsey cows, marketing the cream locally. He does not attempt to market his large crop of grapes at retail but contracts it all to the Welch Grape Juice Company.

Mrs. Ralph Burgess ("Lou" to her friends) attended Harbor Creek High School and Edinboro Normal School. She studied extensively the playing of both the piano and organ and for years she taught others in the country around South Harbor Creek, driving to the homes of her pupils in a horse drawn buggy. She also taught for some time at the Owens School.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Burgess are active in their Grange and other community clubs as well as their church. Mr. Burgess has been elected school director of his Township for several years.

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