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b. Toronto, Ont.
28. MYRA ROBERTS, Jan. 8, 1893 -
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
Married June 16, 1914

67. Robert William, Feb. 16, 1915 - Feb. 19, 1915
68, Harry Russel, Nov. 28, 1920 -
69. William Norman, June 20, 1923 -
70. Colin Campbell, (Jack) July 5, 1925-

Campbell is the son of Henry and Elizabeth Jane (Baker) Mayran. His father was born at Black Heath Village in England, April 28, 1841, the son of John Mayran, and was baptized in the Episcopal Church. The family name is of French origin but we do not know how long ago their ancestors emigrated to England. All who spell their name this way are presumed to be closely related, including Admiral Mayran of the British Navy whose seven sons are all in the same service.

Mrs. Henry Mayran was born March 10, 1860 in Leicestershire, England, also of French descent. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mayran were divorced, and she married Floyd Colby who died in 1941.

Campbell Mayran is one of the first in the United States to learn the process of oxy-acetylene welding at the Niagara Machine and Tool Company about 1907. He then traveled in the United States and Canada, installing welding equipment and instructing others in its use. He installed the first torches in several of the large industrial cities but finally located in Erie and worked as a welder. For the past five years he has worked at the shop of the Erie Enameling Company.

From 1928 to 1936 Campbell Mayran was a successful teacher of welding in the Erie Night Trades School. His overhead costs per student hour were very low and the students were greatly benefited by his practical instruction.

Mrs. Campbell Mayran attended the Harbor Creek Township Schools and lived at home working with her mother until her marriage. Soon after their marriage Mr. and Mrs. Campbell Mayran welcomed Mrs. Roberts, Mrs. Mayran's mother, into their home as her health was failing. They attended her there until shortly before her death when she moved in with her son Edward, who had recently married and started housekeeping at the old Roberts homestead.

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