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WILLIAM AUSTIN JENNINGS, June 15, 1858- Dec. 24, 1937
b. near Sunville, Venango County, Pa., d. Erie, Pa.

191. MARY HANNAH CASS, Aug. 4, 1860 - Nov. 23, 1926
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa. d. Erie, Pa.
Married Oct. 30, 1884

196. Ivah, Nov. 17, 1900 -
m. George LeBaron ( - ) July 2, 1927

W. Austin Jennings, known by his friends as "Aussie", was a son of John G. and Isabel (Davison) Jennings. John G. Jennings was a carpenter and lived near Sunville, Venango County, Pennsylvania. A genealogy of his branch of the Jennings family has been published. Mrs. John G. Jennings was a daughter of Judge Wilson Davison, who was an Associate Justice, and a prosperous and prominent citizen in the early history of Venango County. The town of Sunville, originally Davisonville, was named for him.

Austin Jennings operated a lumber mill and yard at Oil City, Pennsylvania, in partnership with his brother-in-law, under the name of the Zeigler-Jennings Lumber Company, until the death of Mr. Zeigler. Mr. Jennings then became the Postmaster at Sunville and at the same time owned and operated general merchandise stores at Sunville and at near-by Bradleytown. He was very successful in these ventures, his customers being mostly the oil men and farmers in his community. Mr. Jennings then purchased a farm near Sunville and organized an oil company, known as the Jenning-Ehrhart Oil Company, which he operated successfully until he sold his interest in 1921 and moved to Erie County, living for a short time at Wesleyville and then moving to Erie.

At about this time he found it necessary to retire from active physical work as his health had failed. However, since he had always been a man of great energy, it did not agree with him to be idle, so he engaged in light work at various occupations on a part time basis as his health permitted. Mr. and Mrs. W. Austin Jennings were Presbyterians.

Mrs. Austin Jennings attended the Owens School at South Harbor Creek and helped her parents at home before her marriage.

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