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NATHAN HILL, Feb. 28, 1863 - Feb. 19, 1929
b. Waterford, Pa. d. Erie County, Pa.
118. MARY JANE MITCHELL, Dec. 22, 1860-May 10, 1923
b. Greene Twp. Erie County, Pa. d. Erie County, Pa.
Married Jan. 15, 1884

125. Myrta May, Nov. 17, 1884-
m. Lucian Evans, (1883- ) Mar. 3, 1906
126. Elmer Clare, Jan. 12, 1886 -
m. Hettie Bartlett, ( 1885-1908) May 4, 1907
m. Martha Pierce, ( 1888- ) Dec. 23, 1908

Nathan Hill was a step-son of John Lunger who married his mother, Mary Hill. He was raised in the family of his step-father who moved from Waterford to Harbor Creek Township when Nathan was twelve years old. His schooling was received in the local public schools.

In his early years before his marriage Nathan Hill worked for several years at Johnson and Kane's sawmill near Erie, where he fired the boiler. He later ran a threshing machine for Johnson and Kane. He spent most of his adult life, however, as a general produce farmer living near the South Wales Church. For several years following 1890 he worked on the Mitchell farm and later moved to a farm in Greenfield Township some 15 years before his death. He was frequently chosen as path-master for work on his local township roads and was for many years a member of the Phillipsville I. O. O. F. Lodge. In his busy life on the farm he had little time for sight-seeing trips. He and his wife, however, spent four days at the Pan-American Exposition at Buffalo in September of 1901, where they saw President McKinley on the day on which he was later shot. Mr. Hill was a member of the Grange at Bascobel.

Mrs. Nathan Hill received her schooling at the local grade schools. She worked for a time with an Erie, Pennsylvania, book binding firm prior to her marriage.

Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Hill are buried in the South Wales Cemetery, Mrs. Hill's service being held on Mother's Day.

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