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WALTER SHANER, Nov. 13, 1895 -
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
21. MABEL CARRIE CASS, May 1, 1896 -
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
Married Jan. 15, 1919, at Erie, Pa. by Rev. Wm. Branfield

50. Dorothy Adelle, July 1, 1920 -
S 1. Richard Leroy, July 9, 1923 -

Walter Shaner is the son of Daniel and Lettie (Raymond) Shaner of South Harbor Creek. His father, "Dan" was one of the best carpenters in the locality. Most of Walter Shaner's adult life has been spent as a painter in the employ of the General Electric Company at Erie where he is considered an excellent mechanic. Walter was an enthusiastic and expert basketball and base ball player in his youth and is still an ardent fan.

Mrs. Walter Shaner graduated from the Harbor Creek High School in 1913 in a class of five, which included her future husband and a cousin. Later she graduated from Erie Business College. At the time of her marriage she was employed by the People's Bank of Erie and continued to work there until her first wedding anniversary, January 15, 1920.

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