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ALFRED KING, Nov. 15, 1877 -
b. Greenfield Twp., Erie County, Pa.
22. ELIZABETH CLARE CASS, Jan. 16, 1883-
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
Married June 1, 1904

52. Helen Laura, Mar. 13, 1905 -
m. Kenneth Evans, (1908 - ) Aug. 1931
53. Dorothy Luella, Aug. 22, 1906 -
54. John Edward, Feb. 18, 1910-June 25, 1932
55. Edith Winifred, June 25, 1915 -
56. Robert Cyrus, Sept. 29, 1923 -

Alfred King owns and operates the farm owned by his father in Greenfield Township. He is the son of Peter and Laura (Walker) King and tike his father, a keen mathematician. It has frequently delighted him to be able to solve problems brought to him by his children and that had stumped them. Through his mother he traces his ancestry to the Hale family of Connecticut, well known patriots of colonial New England.

Alfred King does a general line of farming on his large farm and maintains an extensive dairy from which he sells butter and cream. He also raises several acres of grapes and Mrs. King has an extensive poultry business.

Mrs. Alfred King attended the Warren, Pennsylvania, High School and later graduated from the Edinboro Normal School with a high scholastic standing. She taught in the district schools of Erie County for several years. She played a violin for many years and has a sweet soprano voice, being in great demand as a singer at community gatherings and as a soloist at funerals. Both Mr. and Mrs. King are members of and active workers in the Delhill Baptist Church. Mr. King has served as a School Director in Greenfield Township for several terms.

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