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114. JOHN CASS BARHAM, Jan. 29, 1863 - Aug. 20, 1917
b. Erie, Pa. d. Hermiston, Ore.
ANNETTE CHILDS, Sept. 19, 1868 -
b. Stearn's Homestead, Fredonia, N. Y.
Married June 29, 1892

116. Robert Childs, Nov. 9, 1893 -

John Barham received his education in Erie, Pennsylvania, where he spent the early years of his life. He attended and may have graduated from Central High School. He worked for many years in the enameling department of the Griswold Manufacturing Company, who specialized in the making of cast iron household equipment and utensils. The work was injurious to his health, so in June, 1910, he moved to Hermiston, Oregon, and his family followed him in February, 1911. He purchased a ranch and lived there for the rest of his life. Here he and his family lived in a one and one half story frame house he built and which was surrounded by locust trees planted to break the heavy winds which are to be expected in that part of the country. John Barham raised his own vegetables and had nice fruit trees, including apple trees, of which he took great care. He also had an extensive poultry business. He was a natural elocutionist and used to entertain with that art at public gatherings and church socials. He was buried at Hermiston, Oregon.

Mrs. John Barham, known by her friends as "Nettie", is the only child of T. R. and Annette (Stearns) Childs. T. R. Childs' father came from New England to Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania, and built a carding mill in the Factory Gulch which he ran for a time before it was taken over by Lester Hays, who in turn sold it to the stock company which formed the Harbor Creek Woolen Factory and which shortly afterward became the property of John Cass. According to the Childs family tradition this carding mill of Mr. Childs was the first to be built in Erie County, Pennsylvania. T. R. Childs used to live in the Factory Gulch and one of his sisters .was born there. One of his brothers, a small child, is thought to have been buried in the Hoag Cemetery at South Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania.

T. R. Childs' mother's maiden name was Jane Crawford. Her father and grandfather served directly under Washington in the Revolutionary War. Her grandfather, who settled at North East, Pennsylvania, when the country was a wilderness, remembered when General Washington dined once at his father's home. The Scearns family was from colonial Vermont and was of English descent. T. R. Childs used to have a milk depot at Erie.

After the death of her husband Mrs. John Barham continued to live on the ranch at Hermiston until the depression of 1929, when the ranch was rented temporarily while she and her son moved to Los Angeles, where they lived for several years before moving back to the ranch where they now reside.

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