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1. JOHN CASS, b. abt. 1766 and d. aft. 1841 in England
b. abt. 1771 and d. aft.1841 in England
Married November 23, 1796 in Calverley, Yorkshire, England

3. John, Feb. 4, 1800 - July 24, 1874
m. Hannah Pratt ( 1805 - 1885) Dec. 12, 1824
4. Edward, May 23, 1804 - May 15, 1895
m. Mary Lobley (1807-1878) Mar. 27, 1842
5. William. 1807 - 1883-
m. Jane Pollam (1805 - 1882) bef. 1841

John Cass is the first of our family line of whom we have a record. His wife Susan (or Susannah) was a daughter of William Roe, a Baptist minister of Wakefield, Yorkshire. (The following quotations are from Miss Barham's account.) ''John Cass was a weaver of wool by trade. In those days all the weaving was done by hand. The looms were generally placed in the upper story of the house in which the weaver lived. John and Susan Cass made their home at a place called Calverley Hill, where were born three sons.'' According to tradition John Cass had at least one brother who had sons living at Leeds. Their names are supposed to have been Samuel and Benjamin, but the brother's name is unknown.

John Cass' attention to accuracy of detail is evidenced by the family record pages in his old Bible. now in the possession of Mrs. George W. Cass. Among other detailed entries is the one of the birth of his son John at ''five o'clock in the evening.''

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