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JANE CASS, Nov. 2, 1829 - July 1, 1898
Jane Cass lived in the Factory Gulch most of her life and worked in the Woolen Factory. She had a great interest in the early traditions of the family and used to delight in relating stories of the older generations to the younger folks. She spent her last years at the home of her brother, Edward Cass.

ELIZABETH CASS, Jan. 16, 1838 - Dec. 26, 1859
Elizabeth Cass died at the age of 21 years as the result of diphtheria which she contracted from her nephew John, who died a month before she did. The date of "1860" on her tombstone is in error by one year.

SAMUEL CASS, June 1, 1842 - May 7, 1853
Samuel, known as "Sammy," died at the age of eleven years as the result of blood poisoning. One account says that this was caused by getting his toe crushed under a wagon wheel, another account says he stepped on a rusty nail.

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