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126. ELMER CLARE HILL, Jan. 12, 1886-
b Greene Twp., Erie County, Pa.
HETTIE BARTLETT, Dec. 10, 1885 - Feb. 28, 1908
b. Erie County, Pa. d. Erie County, Pa.
Married May 4, 1907

139. Clarenda Edwin, Feb. 17, 1908 - May 13, 1908

b. Greenfield Twp., Erie County, Pa.
Married Dec. 23, 1908

140. Lavona M., Nov. 29, 1909 -
m. Harry Greenman ( 1909- ) May 26, 1928
141. John Emory, Feb. 26, 1911 -
m. Vera Woodell (1914- ) June 21, 1933
142. Agnes Jewell, July 10, 1912 -
m. Thomas Dailey ( 1908- ) June 21, 1932
43. Clara Henrietta, July 7, 1915 -
m. Albert Reisenweber ( 1911- ) Apr. 18, 1938
144. Rose Eleanor, Oct. 10, 1916 -
m. Leo Will (1914- ) Nov. 2, 1935
145. Ada Irene, Sept. 5, 1918 -
m. Norman Kreese ( 1915- ) Nov. 17, 1938
146. Doris May, Apr. 8, 1920 -
m. Harold Weed (1917- ) Nov. 9, 1939
147. Lloyd Clare, Nov. 22, 1922 - Apr. 6, 1923
148. Homer Nathan, Nov. 27, 1924 -
149. Leo Edwin, Apr, 6, 1926 - Aug. 30, 1927
150. Ronald Elmer, Oct. 28, 1928 -

Elmer Hill attended the district grade school and helped his father work the Mitchell farm, where he lived with his parents before his first marriage. He then purchased a farm of his own near the home of his parents.

After his second marriage he purchased a farm near Little Hope where he had a large dairy and milk business for several years. He owned as many as thirty or forty head of cattle at one time and had started to use a milking machine. During this time he was once elected Road Supervisor for Greenfield Township.

He then engaged extensively in the trucking business for several years, after which he commenced working for the Lyons Transportation Company at Erie, Pennsylvania, in 1931, and has not missed a day's work since that time. He has his own tractor and hauls the company's trailers on a regularly scheduled drive to Oil City and back each day.

Elmer Hill's first wife, Hettie Bartlett Hill, was the daughter of Lee and Ella (Shultz) Bartlett. Her parents were early settlers in Harbor Creek Township.

The second Mrs. Elmer Hill is a daughter of William Andrew and Lelia Evalina (Northrup) Pierce, who lived for over fifty year's on the same farm in Greenfield Township. Their house, located on the Dougan Road, was exactly on the boundary of the Great Lakes water shed, so that when it rained, water from the north side of the roof flowed to Lake Erie while the rain that fell on the south side of the roof found its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

William A. Pierce specialized in the raising of potatoes and chickens. He was a star pitcher for the local baseball teams and used to play ball after he became fifty years of age. Mrs. Hill's maternal grandfather, Stephen Northrup, served in the Civil War with a company of volunteers which included many from Greenfield Township. Mrs. Hill attended the Prindle School and later worked for her parents before her marriage.

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