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ORLOW PINNEY, Mar. 11, 1865 - Feb. 19, 1902
d. Waterford, Pa.
121. ELIZA ANN MITCHELL, Mar. 22, 1866-May 19, 1890
b. Greene Twp., Erie Co., Pa. d. Greene Twp., Erie Co., Pa.
Married Mar. 1889 by Rev. J. Boyd Espy of Erie, Pa.

Orlow Pinney spent his early years on a farm near Waterford, Pennsylvania., and apparently received a good education for the times in which he lived. After his first marriage Mr. and Mrs. Pinney went to housekeeping at the Mitchell homestead on the town line road which is the dividing line between Harbor Creek and Greene Townships. A little more than a year after the marriage Mrs. Pinney and her infant child died. Mr. Pinney then moved back to the vicinity of Waterford, and Nathan Hill moved to the Mitchell farm with his family, where he lived and worked this farm for about 17 years.

Orlow Pinney married as his second wife, Minnie CoIvin, and they had two children, Lloyd and Blanche. He purchased a farm near Waterford which was owned by his father-in-law , Mr. Colvin, and lived on it most of the remainder of his life, teaching school most of the time and farming in the summer months. He was buried at the Waterford Cemetery.

The first Mrs. Orlow Pinney received a better than average education as she graduated from Waterford Academy with the understanding that she was to be a school teacher. Instead of becoming a teacher, however, she married shortly after the completion of her schooling. Rev. J. Boyd Espy preached her funeral sermon and six young ladies, her schoolmates, were pall-bearers as she was buried in the Erie Cemetery.

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