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29. EDWARD CLAYTON ROBERTS, Apr. 16, 1895 -
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
RUTH ELLEN HUNTER, Jan. 5, 1896-
b. Potter County, Pa.
Married June 20, 1915 at Erie, Pa.

71. Olive Lucille, Jan 12, 1916-
m. Charles Robertson (1911 - ), Sept. 7, 1934
m. Edward Sladonnik ( 1915 - ), June 18, 1938
73. Glenna Marie, Dec. 9, 1921-
m. Charles Firestone ( 1914 - ), Dec. 9, 1936
74. George Clayton, Jan. 21, 1923-
m. Alberta Johnson (1920- ), June 21, 1941
75. Doris Ruth, July 25, 1924 -
m. Albert Skelly ( 1920 - ), Mar. 15, 194I
76. Spencer John, Oct. 31, 1928 - Nov. 12, 1932
77. Richard Edward, Apr, 27, 1936 -

Edward Roberts had worked at several occupations before taking up farming and is now located on a large farm south of and adjacent to the South Wales Church and Cemetery. Here he operates a large dairy in addition to growing produce for the market. He makes extensive use of modern labor saving equipment in his farming operations. But with all his mechanical aids Mr. Roberts still has a tender spot in his heart for horses, having been interested in them and expert in their care and handling since he was a youngster.

While farming near Lake Pleasant, before 1930, the Edward Roberts home and all its contents was destroyed by fire.

Mrs. Roberts is the daughter of James and Susie (Clark) Hunter of South Harbor Creek. Mrs. Hunter was the daughter of John Wesley Clark, a veteran United Brethren minister, and founder of the South Harbor Creek United Brethren Church. The Hunter family lived on a farm plot south of Factory Gulch and Ruth attended district school, going on to graduate from Harbor Creek High School in 1914.

James was the son of John Welever Hunter of Philadelphia, and much of his life was spent as a painting contractor and interior decorator in Hamburg, New York (a residential suburb of Buffalo). Mrs. Hunter taught school much of her life in addition to raising a family of five children. Her teaching work was both in New York State and in Erie County, Pennsylvania as she held a teacher's certificate in each state.

The Edward Roberts home has been a hive of social activity for the neighborhood youth ever since their children were of school age. Firm believers in the idea that social activity and enjoyment were part of the training of their children, they have encouraged gatherings in their home, and have themselves remained young in mind as a result. Such training in meeting and getting along with others on an equable basis has become more necessary as our methods of living have become more complex.

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