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19. DELLA ISABEL CASS, July 27, 1886 - Sept. 26, 1938
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa. d. Erie, Pa.
Married Jan. 20, 1917 Divorced June, 1917

This couple were incompatible and lived together less than a month although the divorce was not granted until June.

Della Cass attended Harbor Creek High School and Edinboro Normal School. She taught five years in the district schools, two years at the Williams School, one year at the Crowley School, one year at the Lowrey School and one year at the Owens School. For two years of her teaching she had among her students one of her cousins and a younger brother and sister. Later she was employed in different stores in Erie.

From 1920 until the time of her death she worked with Mr. John Sperides in the making and selling of high quality candies. In addition to the store they maintained at their kitchen they operated a sales counter at the City Market in Erie. This firm was always more than generous with "samples" of their wares when visited by members of the family.

Della Cass is buried in the Cass family lot in South Wales Cemetery.

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