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WILLIAM LYMAN FULLER, 1854 - Oct. 6, 1920
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa. d. North East, Pa.
119. CLARA LUCRETIA MITCHELL, Sept. 15, 1862-Oct. 1931
b. Greene Twp. Erie County, Pa.
Married Jan. 1, 1887

127. Rally, Aug. 23, 1889 - 1914
m. Josephine Bidwell, ( - ) about 1913
128. Ora King, Oct. 6, 1893 -
m. Mary Desin (1897- ) June 7, 1920
129. Floyd, died July 2, , in infancy
130. Clyde, died Nov, 9, , in infancy

CLAIRE SAYE, about 1872 -
Married 192-

William Fuller was a brother of Arthur Fuller who lived for many years at Scott Hollow, South Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania. His mother, whose surname was King, came from England with her family at the age of nine years, and lived in the east side of Greenfield Township.

William Fuller was a section foreman for years on the New York Central Railroad at Harbor Creek. Later he worked about eight years as laborer and assistant section foreman for the Buffalo and Lake Erie Transit Company, the interurban electric line. In his last years he was "ground man" at the North East Gravel Pit. One morning in September 1920 as he was riding to work on the running board of a friend's car a sudden unexpected stop threw him hard against the side of the car, and he was severely injured, dying two weeks later. Mr. Fuller was heavy set and active physically. He enjoyed his home life, moving pictures and occasionally attended services at the Greenfield Baptist Church. He lived for years in his own house in North East, near the railroad tracks.

Mrs. Claire Saye spent her early years before her marriage helping her parents. She was buried at the North East Cemetery Claire Saye spent his earlier years near Beaver and Franklin.

Mr. and Mrs. Claire Saye lived on a farm on the Dougan Road in Greenfield Township named Lake View Cottage.

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