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132. CARL ALVA SMITH, Sr., Oct. 16, 1890 -
b. Erie County, Pa.
GRACE McCOY, Aug. 22, 1893 -
b. Erie, Pa.
Married Feb. 22, 1910

161. Opal, July 31, 1916 -
162. Carl Alva Jr., Sept. 21, 1920 -
m. Ruth Coover ( 1918- ) Nov. 23, 1940
163. Jack, Feb. 15, 1930 -

Carl Smith attended school at Waterford, Pennsylvania, before starting to devote his full time to assisting his father with the farm work. He and his father went extensively into the dairy farming and milk business. By a combination of hard work, careful planning and saving of money, the father and son in 1911 were able to buy the large farm where Carl now resides. Here they have made use of modern labor saving equipment in performing the work of taking care of a herd of cattle averaging from 35 to 40 head. Carl Smith is Vice President of the Summit Township school board and a member of the Waterford Presbyterian Church. As a hobby he enjoys deer and small game hunting.

Mrs. Carl Smith was born at Erie, Pennsylvania, her parents being John and Jennie (Brown) McCoy. Mr. McCoy was from Pittsfield, Pennsylvania. He was employed for many years by the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, where he advanced to the position of conductor on passenger trains. He also worked for many years at the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company where he was Yardmaster. Both Mr. and Mrs. McCoy are now deceased. Mrs. Carl Smith attended grade school at Erie, Pennsylvania, the Burton School of the same city and East Mill Creek High School. She is an active member of the Presbyterian Church at Waterford, serving as chairman of the "Third Committee", also known as the "Ladies Guild". She is also a member of the local bridge club, and in spite of the long hours of hard work necessary on the farm and her social activities, Mrs. Smith is doing a very fine job of housekeeping and homemaking. The Smith home is an old house they have remodeled and made into one of the finest and neatest homes in that part of Erie County.

Opal Smith graduated from Academy High School at Erie, Pennsylvania in 1933, where she had completed a business course. Her work since graduation has been quite diversified. During 1934-36 she was secretary for Judge Kitts, a former mayor of Erie, who has a summer home near the Smith farm. In 1936-38 she was cashier for the Commercial Trust Corporation at Erie. Since 1938 she has been employed by Talon, Incorporated, of Meadville, Pennsylvania, where, as a result of a recent promotion, she is now secretary to the Treasurer of the company.

Miss Smith is the fiancee of Melvin M. Coover, a brother of Mrs. Carl Smith, Jr. Mr. Coover is now serving with the Army Engineer Corps at Fort Lewis, Washington. He is in the Machine Records Unit doing tabulating work on International Business Machines, having had experience in that work at the Hammermill Paper 'Company at Erie. Miss Smith's engagement to Private Coover was announced the first week of January 1942, shortly after his induction into the service.

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