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b. Erie County, Pa.
27. BESSIE RUTH ROBERTS, Oct. 23, 1890 -
b. S. Harbor Creek, Pa.
Married July 17, 1912 at the Roberts' home.

63. Bessie, Mar. 4, 1913 - Mar. 4, 1913
64. Robert, Apr. 4, 1914-May 18, 1914
65. Milton, June 23, 1919 -
m. Helen Heidecker (1919- ), July 5, 1941
66. Myra Jean, Dec. 19, 1921 -
m. Archie L. Butts ( 1920 - ), June 14, 1941

Walter is a son of Andrew W. C. and Alvena L. (Miller) Kienholz of Erie, Pennsylvania. His father was a carpenter and stone mason, born October 16, 1862 at Erie and still lives there. Walter's mother was born February 26, 1866 in Schenectady, New York and died in Erie March 11, 1924. Walter worked at the electrical trade before he started farming. He purchased land from George Cass just south of Factory Gulch where he raises poultry and berries, and cares for numerous hives of bees. He is fond of music, and is a good performer on several instruments. At one time he had a large and interested class in his community learning to sing under his direction. When he lived in Erie he was a member of the Presbyterian Church there, and sang in the choir.

Although he had no practical experience in any of the building trades, Mr. Kienholz designed and built his own house in South Harbor Creek, achieving a result that would be a credit to an experienced craftsman.

Mrs. Kienholz attended school at South Harbor Creek, and studied extensively both piano and organ. For many years she was the regular organist at the South Harbor Creek United Brethren Church and for about five years she taught a music class of some forty pupils in her community.

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