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WILLIAM HENRY MITCHELL, Feb. 28, 1818-July 31, 1883
b. near New Castle, Pa. d. Erie County, Pa.

9. ANN CASS, Feb. 27, 1832 - Apr. 28, 1907
b. Rodley, Yorkshire, England d. Erie County, Pa
Married Apr. 13, 1858

117. Abner John, Apr. 16, 1859 - Jan. 9, 1890
118. Mary Jane, Dec. 21, I860-May 10, 1923
m. Nathan Hill ( 1863-1929) Jan. 15, 1884
119. Clara Lucretia, Sept. 15, 1862 - Oct. 1931
m. William Fuller (1854-1920) Jan. 1, 1887 m. Clare Saye ( 1872- )
120. William Cass, June 5, 1864-Mar. 23, 1932
121. Eliza Ann, Mar. 22, 1866 - May 18, 1890
m. Orlow Pinney, ( - ) Mar. 1889
122. Hetta Mariah, Nov. 27, 1868 - Feb. 29, 1940
m. Wilson L. Smith (1863-1935) May 17, 1887
123. Edward George, May 2.5, 1870 - Nov. 13, 1931
124. Susan Sophiah, Feb. 12, 1872 -

William Mitchell was born near New Castle, Pennsylvania, and received his schooling in this locality. He traveled to Erie County in company with the Kelso family. This family settled along the lake front west of Erie, near the site where Waldameer, the famous park and amusement center, is now located, buying this land at $18.00 per acre Mr. Mitchell, however, was credited with a much shrewder purchase when he located on the hills south of Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania. Here he paid $30.00 per acre for his land, it being at that time considered more desirable due to the presence of more valuable timber and the fact that this land was more suitable for agricultural purposes.

William Mitchell was an energetic and powerfully built man standing six feet in height. In addition to being a general produce farmer, he was a wagon-maker, cobbler, had a blacksmith shop, and served his locality as a squire. In this latter capacity he settled many legal matters for his neighbors out of court by his knowledge of law, and through the reference books he kept on hand, he having taken a course of law study in his younger days.

Mr Mitchell frequently went fishing in Lake Erie beside the Kelso farm and proved to be a good fisherman, as he was accustomed to bring home sturgeon in such quantities that the tails extended out over the back of his wagon. These fish were salted in order to preserve them until the winter time, when the neighbors would come and buy them.

In spite of his varied occupations Mr. Mitchell used to find time to visit the southern states regularly each winter spending from six weeks to two months there each season. It does not appear at this time why he made these trips, but for many years a knife was preserved in the Mitchell household which was given him to use as protection against the negroes. The old family Bible of Mrs. William Mitchell's, in an excellent state of preservation, is in the possession of Mrs. Lucian Evans and shows that his parents were Abner Mitchell, who died June 4, 1856, and Sophia (White) Mitchell, who was born July 11, 1787 and died October 19, 1856. His grandparenrs were Elijah White, who was born at East Haddam, Connecticut, February 28, 1746, and Elizabeth White, who was born November 15, 1743.

Mrs. William Mitcheil received part of her schooling in Yorkshire, England. and part of it at South Harbor Creek, Pennsylvania. Before her marriage she used to run a carding machine in the Cass Woolen Factory.

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