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Abner Mitchell remained at home, was unmarried, and was his father's mainstay on the farm. His death resulted from injuries sustained when his team was struck by a train at Belle Valley on New Year's Eve in 1890.
William C. Mitchell spent the greatest part of his adult life in South Harbor Creek where he worked for various farmers including his uncle, Edward Cass, his cousin, John Cass and the Kendrick family. At times he helped various men who operated local threshing machines including, among others, Fred Porter and Arthur Raymond. He also occasionally engaged in business as a dealer in old iron and junk. He is buried in the Mitchell lot in the South Wales Cemetery.
Edward G. Mitchell attended Waterford Academy for about a year after finishing the local grade school. He worked for years as an employee on the lake boats. During the time Cole Brothers' Circus had winter quarters at Harbor Creek, about 1907-08, he was employed by this company as a helper to take care of some of their animals, after which he remained with the circus for a year or so. He went to Hermiston, Oregon, with John Barham, and then to California. Some years afterward he returned to Erie County, Pennsylvania, and helped John Holt on his farm, where he had worked once before. He was at the Holt residence at the time of his death and he was buried in the Mitchell family lot at the South Wales Cemetery.
Susan Mitchell attended the local school, after which she worked at the Mitchell home. Later she worked at Wesleyville as a housekeeper for Dr. Allen, for about five years. Since 1914 she has been a patient at the Warren, Pennsylvania, hospital.

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